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How to Rent Equipment

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How to Rent Construction Equipment

Here are the steps involved in renting construction and industrial equipment:

1. Determine the Exact Type of Equipment You Need

Take some time to consider the different models available of the type of equipment you are looking for. Do you need earthmoving equipment? Excavators? Skid steer loaders? Once you choose the model you want, you’ll need to decide how long you’ll want to rent it. This is called the “duration” of the equipment.  You’ll also need to determine a schedule for when you need the equipment delivered to your jobsite. The rental company needs this information to confirm availability for the model you are looking for as well as to complete the rental agreement.

It’s important to plan your project so you don’t have the rented equipment sitting idle because it has been delivered too soon. You also don’t want to have work come to a halt because the rented equipment has not arrived yet and it’s needed for work to continue. Careful project management is required to coordinate the type of rental equipment you need and the delivery date to keep work flowing smoothly on the jobsite.


2. Get a Quote for the Cost of Rental Equipment

Once you know exactly what model of equipment you want to rent, when you want to rent it and for how long, you can request a detailed quote. It should include if and how much the equipment rental company will charge for delivering the equipment to your jobsite. Be sure to ask whether you are being charged a fixed fee or if the cost depends on the distance involved. Some rental companies charge based on how far they have to transport the rental equipment from their location to the drop site. You’ll want to be aware of the exact terms of this part of the rental agreement.


3. Ask Whether You Will Be Charged Additional Fees

Depending on the rental company, there may be “environmental fees” or insurance to protect the rental equipment added to the amount you were quoted as a rate. Specifically, ask whether there are any other fees or charges that will be added to the contract.


4. Discuss Terms for Payment or Financing the Rental

Depending on the length of the rental and the policy of the company, you may have different choices for financing your equipment rental. For a short-term rental (daily or for a week), you may want to use a company credit card. If the rental is going to be a long-term one, you will likely want to apply for an account with the rental company so you can be billed monthly.

Generally, you would need to fill out an application form and provide your contact information for this purpose. The form would likely ask for some business references, as well as information about your business banking. Once the information was checked by the rental company, you would be advised whether you would be granted an account. Whether you are located in Arizona or elsewhere in the United States, when you rent your equipment from Team Equipment Rentals, we can help you set up the financing you need. Just let our knowledgeable team know what you’re looking for.

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