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Rent To Own Equipment

Rent To Own - Rental Purchase

About the Rent To Own Program

Acquire the equipment you need by using the rental period to build equity. You have the flexibility to return it at the end of the rental period or acquire it by using one of the financial products found on the lease options page. Our very flexible terms and rates will tailor the best option to fit your specific needs.  Team Equipment Corp. knows and understands the equipment business and our customers needs. That’s why we provide the most complete line of equipment solutions for rental purchase, also known as Rent To Own. With highly flexible rent-to-own programs, our team will work with you to customize a program designed to meet your specific equipment—and financial—needs.

Through our Rent to Own Program, you’ll feel comfortable with your equipment and get the job done—on time. Our Rent-To-Own program provides you with the opportunity to use some of the industry’s top  equipment, without the commitment to purchase. If circumstances change, you can return the equipment and avoid any problems of excess inventory or financial commitment.

Renting also helps gain equity. A high percentage of the rental is applied toward the purchase of the unit. Participating in a rent-to-own program provides you flexibility when dealing with capital budgets, which can be helpful if unexpected equipment needs arise and budget dollars have already been allocated.

Team Equipment Rental’s Rent To Own Program strives to make your decision to rent equipment easier with highly flexible options. No more lost equity!  See how we can help you choose the program that meets your specific needs today! Contact us today for more information.

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